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Assign Sub Administrator

First of all, let me tell you that a Sub Administrator is not a student.
If you are an individual and you just need to take a class, DO NOT assign yourself as a Sub Administrator.
If you are a small organization, and you are going to manage only a few students, you most likely do not need to assign a Sub Administrator.
A purchaser can easily manage their own students without a Sub Administrator.
If you want someone else to manage student courses, then this is exactly what you want to do.

So let’s define some terms.
Purchaser: This is the person that actually pays for a quantity of courses.
Purchasers Account: The place where the purchaser’s unassigned courses are stored.
Sub Administrator: A trusted administrator or staff member within your organization.
Student: This is the person that the course will be assigned to.

The concept:
The purchaser buys a quantity of courses. The courses are stored in the purchaser’s account.
The purchaser can assign the courses directly to the students, using credits from that account.
Any designated Sub Administrator can assign courses from those remaining in the purchaser’s account.
When anyone assigns a course to a student, 1 credit is removed from the Purchasers account.
When the Purchaser’s account is depleted, no more courses can be assigned by anyone.
A Sub Administrator does not have access to the Purchasers payment information, and therefore cannot purchase courses.
The Purchaser is the only one that can refill that account.
The purchaser grants the Sub Administrator unlimited authority to register and assign courses to anyone.
You can designate more than one Sub Administrator.

The Advantages:
Each Sub Administrator will personally know the student and can be responsible for them.
We will mail the walletcards to the address provided by Each Sub Administrator.
The Sub Administrator can make a copy of the walletcard before giving it to the student.
This makes it very easy to distribute courses to multiple offices or states.

Done here?  Just close this window and continue registering your students.

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