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Employee Does Not Have Email Address

The email address provided becomes the students username, so every student you register must have their own email address even if it is fake. It would be easiest for you if you had the students real email address. With a real email address they will receive everything they need to know to start their class including login instructions. It is your call.

However, we do know that not everyone has or wants to provide an email address, so if a student does not have an email address;

Do this


Occasional instance this may be the best method, just use a fake email address

Register the student on one of our email servers. We suggest a pattern like a student’s First name.Last name.date MMDDYY@flagger.email. PLEASE NOTE there is no .com or anything else needed

Our system will generate instructions and send a copy to your email address. OBVIOUSLY, the student WILL NOT get the fake email, but you will don’t forget to look in your junk mail. We also get a copy as a backup
Print out the email containing the student’s instructions and hand it to them. They will login using the FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS as their username and start the class from that point.

The downside is the computer generates complicated passwords (I-l & o-0 are sometimes hard to tell apart) you may want to use the second option if you will be registering a lot of students without email addresses.


Use a common password. This would work well for large numbers of people.

1. Register the student with a fake email address, to make things easier on you we strongly recommend using some pattern or method that works for you.
We suggest a pattern like a student’s First name.Last name.date MMDDYY@flagger.email. So it could be Bill.Wilson.120516@flagger.email. For your ease of use make it something easy for you can remember. Trust us the date is important because you or someone else may have another Bill Wilson at some time in the future, more on why later.

2. Assign the student to the proper state course. The email and password are generated and sent.

3. By using a fake email, obviously the student will not receive this email but you will, so you have to do the following steps.

4. Print the email that was sent to you, then change the password
Here is how
Go to your employee list,
Locate the employee,
Click Edit Password,
Change the password to something that is easy for you to remember.

We suggest using two common parts like the students first name combined with something common simple word that you would use for everyone

SO example passwords for a company could be students first name plus some other word


Or just use a single common password for everyone.

You will have to remember the password(s), so doing something that makes sense to you is actually the best way.

Common  passwords can be reused for everyone

Save the Changes.

5. Now the low tech part, cross out the old password on the printed email write down the newly assigned password give it to the student. Tell them to go to onlineflagger.com and to use that information to log into their class.

6. If the student loses the email print out, you look up the students fake-email-address in your employee list and tell them the common password to get them restarted.

Done here?  Just close this window and continue registering your students.

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