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Thank you for your business and if you have seen this before you can close this window and proceed.

First timers

This is not your normal internet T Shirt purchase. Please give us just a couple minutes to explain how this works.
Please note there is a process that must be followed. You must provide the proper information at the proper time.
If you see Red Instructions on the page that indicates you really need to pay attention to that area.

We will provide a link to one of these Help Screens on each page as we take you through the process.
You can also click the buttons at the bottom of this screen to preview the whole process step by step.

For this first screen
Purchaser Billing Details and Purchaser Shipping address.


First, the Purchaser billing details section.

The tricky part is the Purchaser Billing Address.
For security purposes this is the address where your payment card bill is sent. The billing address must match what the bank has on file.

Next the Purchaser Shipping Address section.
Even though we are only sending the flaggers wallet card we must send the wallet card to the person that actually purchased the course.
If you are a business this information should be a responsible party like the purchaser, safety officer, or employees direct supervisor.
This is never the students address UNLESS you are the companies designated responsible party and you are also a student taking a class.
The responsible party can verify the card was received and document it according to your company policy, then personally hand the card to the student.
If you are an individual purchasing a single class for yourself yes your address will go here.

In any case the Shipping address you provide is where the computer sends the wallet card please verify the information is correct otherwise it will be lost in the mail.

Please do not overlook the two check boxes.

That ends the instructions for this page.
If you want to preview the rest of the steps in the process click the button below.
The buttons below are for previewing the next steps only

Distributing Courses / Passes

Online Flagger

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October 2021