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Distributing Courses old Copy

Distributing Courses

There are two options


First Option
The right side options assigns courses and tracks students.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is this course being purchased by one person (relative, friend, employer, or etc.) with the intent to give the course or courses to a different person?
Are you a business or do you make purchases for a business?
Is there a possibility you will make additional purchases in the future?
Are you evaluating this class yourself but might add more students later?
If any of the previous are true please choose the option on the right side, to Register A Student.

Second Option
The left side is for individuals that purchased one class for personal use only. If you choose this option you will be automatically registered with the information from your payment card.
If the course is bought by you, for you only, and the card is in your name, and you want the name on the payment card to be the name we print on your flagger card, then choose the option on the left, to Pick Your Course.

TO BE CLEAR if you are using mom’s card to buy this class, or you are buying this class for anyone else, you must choose the option on the right, to Register A Student.

That ends the instructions for this page.
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Individual Pick Your Course      Register A Student

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