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Assign Course

Assign Course

Up until now the purchase you made is for a generic course pass

This page is where you designate what state course you want, and the student to take that course.


Please select a state for your course from the upper box and the student from the lower box

Click the assign button

If you are an registering yourself
You just assigned yourself to a course and if you want to start the training right now you can click start training at the top of the screen. This will take you directly to the beginning of the course. If you want to start later, your login information and clicking Start Training will get you into the course.

If you are registering a student other than yourself
We just sent an email to the student and a copy was sent to the email address of the purchaser or sub administrator.
The email contains a username (the students email address you provided) and a computer generated password.
Repeat the process of registering students until you are done.

VERY IMPORTANT If someone other than yourself is to take the course on this computer you must logout and they can login with their credentials.

That ends the instructions for this page
If you want to preview the rest of the steps in the process click the button below.
The buttons below are for previewing the next steps only.

If You Are A Student     If You Are An Administrator

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