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Starting the course

Before you begin verify that your name is the name displayed at the top of the page if not click the CLICK HERE TO LOG OUT  link.


Scroll down the page.
The information shown on this page is supposed to be all about you the student.
MOST IMPORTANTLY Check the spelling of your name. This is how it will appear on the printed wallet card. There is a fee for replacement cards.
Correct or add any missing information as it applies to you the student, then click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Before you click the start course button you MUST be using Google chrome as your browser, if you do not know what browser you are using you need to find out and switch to Chrome. Fair warning other browsers may not work correctly and may not send your score to our server when you finish the test. Your time lost trying to deal with the issues created by other browsers including retaking the test will far exceed the time and minimal effort required to switch to chrome.

Remember if you follow the instructions everything works fine, so please follow the instructions.

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November 2017