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Registering Students

Registering Students

All the information on this page is for employee identification only and should be related to the employee only.
The only information required at this point is the employees name and email address.
It would be best if the employees name is spelled correctly, as there is a fee for reprinting cards.
If you have the other information great, but the remaining fields can be provided by the employee before starting the course.

NOTE changes to the address here will not effect the the mailing address for the wallet card.


The email address must be unique and cannot be the purchasers or administrators email address.
It would be best if you get the employees email address, especially if they are going to take the course away from the office. We send the employee an email with all instructions for what steps to follow. We send you a copy of the employees email also.
If there is no email address for the employees follow the directions provided on the form, it is really simple.

The next step is assigning the student to a course Click the button at the bottom of the page to continue.

That ends the instructions for this page
If you want to preview the rest of the steps in the process click the button below.
The buttons below are for previewing the next steps only.

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