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Course Passes

$ 95.00

These flexible passes are good for any course available.

Buy a single pass for yourself or multiple passes for the whole team.

Assign the pass to the person, then assign the person to the state.

Discounts available, see below or add to cart to see totals.

Online Flagger Safety Training Certification Course.

Certification in about 4 hours, ready for work immediately with a temporary certificate.

Satisfies the specific State DOT requirements for flagger certification.

Approved State DOT course. Expiration dates vary by state.

Available 24/7

Discounts start at two.

If you are working on state-funded projects exclusively, please note:

The ATSSA Online Flagger Course is not accepted on state-funded projects in the following states:
CA, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, MA, MN, MS, MT, NC*, NE, NJ, NV, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN**, TX, UT, VA, & WA.
*Online flagger training is accepted in NC for re-certification, only.
**The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is now accepting Online Flagger Training through Dec. 31, 2021.

Our training program is accepted by all other states, and the flagger certification card is the same ATSSA flagger card issued by all other instructors.
If you are not working exclusively on a state-funded project this training should meet your needs.
Click to see a sample certification card.

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Course Passes

Buy single or multiple Course Passes at a time to be used as needed. Once you purchase the passes you will be able to assign them to yourself or your employees and chart their progress from within your account here at onlineflagger.com

These Course Passes are assigned to a student and state by you.
If you work in multiple states this is a great option. You can even have individual district managers assign and manage employees that they supervise.
Your employees may take the class on many devices so a PC, MAC, IPAD, and tablets should work. Please make sure to update your software before starting the class.
Take this class right now or at a later time if you wish. You can save money when you buy classes to get the discounts, best of all the courses do not expire until you start taking the class.
The class is based on nationally accepted content so you get the standard training that all states use.

Course goals are to give the student the knowledge to:

State why proper flagging is important, and list the qualities of a good flagger.
Use the MUTCD and other books such as state DOT plans and other guides as they relate to flagging traffic.
Make sure temporary traffic control zones follow the basic plans as shown in the MUTCD.
Point out the temporary traffic control areas and know why each is important to safely control traffic.
Decide if signs and devices on a project meet the standards of the MUTCD.
List all necessary and proper flagging equipment.
Choose a proper place to stand so that you are in a safe place for flagging.

Teach the student to use tools of the trade:

Stop, slow, and release traffic using a stop paddle or how to control traffic using a flag if needed.
Spot different types of drivers and know how to deal with them.
Control traffic on a two-way road and how to use different methods to talk with other flaggers.
Setup and control traffic on haul roads or in other special flagging situations.
Know what to do when you have to setup and handle night flagging.
Talk with the public, supervisor, and co-workers.
In the end you will know enough to pass a two-part exam.

Passes are designated by you for any state. You assign the state course when you register your employees.

Discounts Available

2 – 10 = $70.00 each
11 – 50 = $65.00 each
51 or more $60.00 each