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How This Works Please Read

Individual For Personal Use Overview Of The Process

If anyone else besides you is involved in this transaction follow the instructions in the other column.

Make the purchase with a credit card in your name only.

The flagger card will have the same name as on the credit card.

You will purchase 1 generic course pass.

In the Take A Course for Yourself area.

Click the Pick Your Course button.

From the drop down Pick the state you want the course for.

Your name appears (this is who gets the flagger card).

Click Assign.

Look on the top menu bar Click Start Training.

Any Other Situation Overview Of The Process

Purchase as many courses as you need they never expire until used, get the discount.

You will purchase any number of generic course passes.

In the Give A Course To Someone Else area please read instructions.

Click Register A Student.

Step 1 Register Student/Employee.

Step 2 Assign a state to the generic course pass and employee.

An email is sent to both Student and Purchaser with login details.

If you plan on using a fake email for your student Click Here.

Student takes course.

Administrator follows progress, prints certificates, etc. from the Employee Statistics Tab.

Online Flagger

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September 2021