About The Class

Our Background

We are instructors with over 40 years of traffic control experience We wanted a very easy process so we built this first online flagger course. We have been members of ATSSA for over 20 years and in 2006 we paved the way for putting this flagger course online. This is the only program available meeting ALL the required course criteria, including demonstrating the correct positions for stopping, slowing, and releasing traffic. We are still the only online course providing this valuable learning technology.

In place of a live person teaching the class, the training uses graphics, video, and interactive content with narration.

Students are tested during the class using simple quizzes, with instant answers.

About The Class

OnlineFlagger.com offers easy, affordable, on-demand training for flaggers. Mostly used by business and government agencies that supply flaggers at road work sites, but individuals are welcome too. Managing employee training is easy because the employee tracking tools are built-in. OnlineFlagger.com follows the ATSSA basic class, plus it also follows state guidelines.

This is the ATSSA flagger training program, we just modified it a little for use on the internet, so yes it is approved by ATSSA.

This course was put together and presented by an ATSSA flagger instructor.

OK Lets Get Started

About The Users

This class is open to anyone that needs flagger training.

Mostly used by highway departments, city, and county government with many employees that may even be in different cities.

Barricade and pavement marking companies and temporary employment services working out of a central office have trained many people using this program.

Contractors that may have to hire people on short notice can train employees and have them on the job quicker.

Of course, any individual can take our class and many do every year, a lot of them have found it is a great job.

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