Spanish Flagging Demonstration

Our demonstration testing is not multiple choice!

State DOTs require that a flagger demonstrate all of the proper flagging techniques to be a valid course. Our demonstration testing method does that and has been accepted nationwide* since the beginning in 2007.

We require you to demonstrate proper flagging by posing a flagger symbol. You will position the flagger symbols head, arms, and body.

Most State DOTs require this demonstration testing procedure. The required testing procedure must cause the flagger to use the same thought process used when flagging. This shows that you know how to use a sign paddle and a flag correctly. To move the flagger symbol all you need to do is click the arrowheads on the controls up-down, left-right. Raise my arm click, turn my head click, Stop or Slow click, it is that easy. This procedure requires the same mental thought process and checklist as if you were actually flagging in real life.
First, do not stand in the road.
Second, face traffic.
Third, paddle in the correct hand.
Fourth, STOP facing traffic.
Fifth, opposite hand in the STOP position.

Now think about how you take a multiple choice test, you are thinking “All of those are wrong so that must be correct”. That does not DEMONSTRATE actual comprehension of what YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO.

Give this a try!

Below on this page is the actual demonstration test give it a try. If you get something wrong read the text in the popup window, the answer is provided there. When you take our class we provide the instruction with videos showing you where and how to stand to properly control traffic. Really proper flagging is not a secret we want you to do it correctly.

*The States of IA, ID, IL, MA, MT, OR, RI, UT, WA do not ALLOW any online flagger training by any company or organization. Our training is accepted everywhere online training is ALLOWED. If an official from a State DOT states otherwise please ask them to contact us so we could speak with them.

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