Detailed Overview

Detailed Overview

This is the online flagger training course that is approved by ATSSA and most states. This straightforward training and testing method was built by flagger instructors, each with over 40 years of traffic control experience.  With complete backing and support from ATSSA, we developed the first online flagger course in 2006. Doing this paved the way for presenting the flagger course material online. Our course is the only program available meeting ALL the State’s course requirements. Most states require the student to manually demonstrate the correct way to stop, slow, and release traffic. We are still the only online course providing this valuable interactive demonstration learning technology. is owned and operated by Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc.  This program is built with the needs of organizations and government entities in mind, so we have built in the student grade and progress tracking.

The course:

When the student completes the training and final test, they receive an ATSSA flagger card and will be ready for work.  Each student chooses their own time to take the class; no special scheduling is required. The course takes about four hours, including testing. The training uses photos, drawings, and video game-like content to help students learn. The class is split into sections, each with its test or quiz that must be passed before moving on to the next section.

Students are tested and given instant feedback. Students can go at their own pace without feeling intimidated by other class participants. To pass the final test, ATSSA and State DOTs require the student to demonstrate manually how to stop, slow, and release traffic. Initially, our flagger symbol actor was taken off the flagger symbol sign and made interactive; we use a better-looking and properly equipped animated flagger now for the testing. The student using the controls clicks a button to move the head, the arms, the body, and the wrist to reposition the flagger guy. This is the same mental process you must go through to flag traffic. Give it a try English Spanish. This is not multiple choice, where you choose from one picture out of many obviously wrong options.

Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. has been providing traffic control design software since 1996, and has been the designer and administrator for this ATSSA flagger training program, since 2006.

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