General Information

General Information:

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Students taking this course will know why flagging is important because they will learn the abilities of a good flagger.

Flaggers will know what books or guides to use and how to use them to apply standards.

All students will be able to identify proper flagging signals, practices, and procedures and how to use them.

There are many ways to control traffic using flaggers, the students will know when and how to use each type.

The course uses video, multimedia, and student quizzes.


Flagging can be done by anyone available at the time.


Flagging is not that hard, but for sure, is not that easy.

Traffic control can be stressful and must not be taken lightly.

A flagger’s job is to protect workers and the traveling public from each other.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, the question that remains is: how can you provide your flaggers with the training they need to meet their responsibilities safely? The answer is

This valuable safety training includes: dealing with work zone hazards, the flagger’s job, employer’s responsibilities, and the safety equipment needed to get everyone home safely.

After this training, your flaggers will understand their impact on safety so as a result, they’ll be better prepared to do a professional, safe job.

Benefits of using OnlineFlagger:

Available 24/7 every day of the year, so there is no scheduled starting time, take the course when you want to.

Finish the training today in about 4 hours including the testing.

There is student interaction to help stay focused. All content is the same for each student so everyone gets the same training, no off-topic instructor jokes or stories.

The temporary certificate is available immediately upon completion so you can go to work tomorrow.

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