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If you cannot get started it is because you skipped or missed a step.

Go look in your email in the spam or the trash. Really look, if you registered we sent you the email, so Search for OnlineFlagger in your email. Really we sent it, and the instructions are there.
This registration email frequently gets sent to spam even though your purchase receipts are sent to your inbox.

Just FYI the following are the steps so you can see if you missed something, please ask yourself if you actually did each step.

The process is:

First, you must make a purchase. You will get receipts in your email. If you have receipts in your email good go to the next step.

Second, you must register yourself or someone else as the student. PURCHASING DOES NOT REGISTER ANYONE FOR A COURSE.
If you registered, then you actually sent yourself the email to start the course.
This registration email frequently gets sent to spam even though your purchase receipts are sent to your inbox.

Third, log completely out of EVERY OnlineFlagger window or tab, Close them to be sure.

Fourth, find the REGISTRATION email, Read the instructions, Click the link, and your course will start.

If you were using a phone to register for the course, occasionally the assign course step is not obvious because of your screen layout on the phone.

“I have done all of that several times”

Then you will have several registration emails BUT, only one will work.

Look closely at the username in the email we sent it is your:

First initial

Last name

Hyphen or Dash (this is required if you are typing it in)

Bunch of numbers

NOTE, the last four numbers in each email will be different.
Try one if it does not work note it somehow, then try the next one you should find the one that works.
AFTER finding the one that does work, it will be fine to delete those that do not work.

“I can only get my email on my phone”

If you are typing in the username and password from your phone to your computer

You will have to enter both the USERNAME and the PASSWORD

The USERNAME is the whole sequence of your first initial, last name, the hyphen (-), and all of the numbers (there are no spaces) jbond-0070070071234

The PASSWORD in the email is three lines below the username, note that any LETTERS in the password ARE ALL CAPITALS

There is a difference between the letter O and a number 0 zero, a capital O is round, 0 zeros are skinny.

There is a difference between the number 1 (one) and a capital I, a capital I may just be a straight vertical line, but a number 1 (one) should always have the little thing at the top.

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