Replacement Wallet Cards

If you have not received your wallet card this might be why.

1. The only time wallet cards are sent directly to the student is when the student purchases the card.
2. Wallet cards are sent to the purchaser or the purchaser’s designated administrator.
3. If your friend makes the purchase we send the wallet card to your friend, they will have to give it to you.
4. Wallet cards are printed several times per week so weekends and holidays might result in a short delay.
5. We use the US Postal Service (USPS) to mail cards. They have rules, the address you provide must be correct.
6. Has it been two weeks? We find that this is the norm if the USPS has delayed it somehow.
7. Someone else got their card but you did not, again with the USPS this happens, please be patient.

Replacement Cards

If you have not received the card within 6 weeks of finishing the course, please check with the card purchaser one last time to see if they have it.
We will send replacement cards to the address on file at 6 weeks at no charge if the card was not received.


Any change of mailing address will require a replacement fee.
If our recorded mailing date is longer than 6 weeks you will need to purchase a replacement card.
You cannot purchase a replacement card online, you must call our office. Please have your payment method available.

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